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Social Media Connections [Photo Credit: - Andres Rodriguez -]Sometimes it’s hard to find a reason to contact a connection without seeming like you’re trying to ‘sell’ them.

Here are some strategies you can use to ‘touch’ every one of your first degree connections at least bi-annually, along with ways to get profile visitors and your company page followers to join your LinkedIn Network. I’m also including a sample Recommendation Request template, which has proven effective in generating LinkedIn Recommendations from connections.

Good Reasons to Get in Touch

Birthday – Send them a LinkedIn message to wish them a Happy Birthday.

Work Anniversary, Promotion, or New Job – Congratulate them on their milestone!

Being Mentioned in the News – Let them know you noticed, and tell them where you heard/read about it.

They Endorsed You – Did your connection just endorse you- Send them a message to thank them for it.

Here is a sample Email that I send out to my connections:

LinkedIn Image: Hi, Hope you are doing great. Congratulations on your work anniversary. If I can be of help, please don't hesitate to ask. Finest regards, Ron LaVine 1-818-991-6487 PS. You can get great articles on sales by following me on Twitter: @ronslavine PPS. You can read great sales articles now by visiting my website:

Remember to include your contact information in the message so they can get in touch with you easily!

Grow Your Network

If someone is following your company page, write and invite them to join your network. Did somebody new stop by and look at your profile- Send a quick message thanking them for visiting, and invite them, too. (And if they do join your network, remember to send them a quick message thanking them for doing so!)

Social Media Flow Chart [Image Credit: - morganimation -]

Request a Recommendation

Like endorsements, recommendations go a long way in building your reputation and client base. I have found that my LinkedIn client connections will often write a recommendation for me if I ask for one. I just send a quick note, as follows:

Dear Mary,

I know you’re real busy and when you have a moment, maybe you can help me.

Would you please jot down a couple of sentences about what you thought about my workshops by finishing these two sentences or something like them-

  • I thought Ron’s live phone prospecting training was…
  • I have been able to…

It would help my business a lot.

Thank you. I really appreciate it.



It takes maybe 5 to 15 minutes per day to send out these emails. The inquiries, along with the thank you’s I’ve received afterward, have made it a worthwhile social selling activity. Try it and let me know what you think.

Until the next issue…

Remember that what you think is what you attract. So choose to think the good thoughts!

Ron LaVine, MBA, President, Founder and Editor

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