How Will You and Your Sales Team Benefit?

By investing in the Mastering the Art & Science of Cold Calling® Live Cold Call Training Workshop, your sales team will:

  • Learn the secrets of how to get appointments with high-level decision-makers.
  • Learn how to get up to selling speed fast. If they’re a new representative, this live cold call training will enable them to contribute more quickly to your sales team’s revenue goals.
  • Learn how to fill their sales pipeline, enabling your sales forecasts to stay ahead of target.
  • Walk away with new techniques, ideas and processes or t.i.p.s in their selling tool box.
  • Actually make easy-to-learn live cold calls, resulting in the elimination of cold calling reluctance and fear.
  • Save time by being able to quickly identify who has the final authority to buy your solutions.
  • Learn how to efficiently identify prospect needs, challenges and problems.
  • Learn how to maximize the value of each call.
  • Hear cold calling strategies in action addressing all types of telephone challenges, including how to work with, move around and leverage gatekeepers and roadblocks.
  • Learn how to collect internal and external intelligence about a prospect creating a competitive advantage for your company.
  • Learn how to locate hidden or overlooked sales opportunities and then clearly identify each opportunity for your sales force to act upon, without your sales force spending valuable selling time knocking on doors.
  • Learn how to locate valuable contacts and add these people to your database for future contact.
  • Learn how to uncover and understand the internal and external change events or triggers influencing your prospects’ businesses.
  • Learn how to speak confidently while speaking with high level executives.
  • Hear cold calling strategies demonstrating when to listen and what questions to ask when speaking with a decision-maker.
  • Learn how to use proven non-invasive phone t.i.p.s (techniques, ideas and processes) to penetrate Fortune 1000 accounts.
  • Experience their confidence level increase while as their prospect qualification success ratio rises.
  • Learn the secret place to find prospect projects, in process or proposed, leading to more qualified prospects and appointments.
  • Learn how to find decision makers for an enterprise solution rather than focusing only on a single department or business unit.
  • Receive thorough, cost-effective, live cold call training, delivered in a professional format they can use immediately to increase the success of their cold calling efforts.
  • Get custom-written cold call sales training materials in an easy-to-use workbook, accompanied with specially-developed data collection forms. 

I was the first one to be astonished by the easiness of your calling system and strategy, not to mention that I got 3 appointments while doing your course. One of those appointments was Hydro-Quebec, an account that I’ve been trying to penetrate for a whole year without success. In 2 minutes with your course I had a meeting with their CIO!


Patrick Authier, Sales Executive, Information Builders, Inc.

Our 100% Training Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of the live cold call training you receive, upon completion the course, simply return all the training materials provided and pay nothing except our reasonable expenses. Your complete 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Few would argue that “Cold Calling” is simultaneously one of the most difficult and one of the most necessary sales skills. Ron LaVine delivers the best sales training program I have ever taken and it specifically targets this essential skill. I proudly list Accelerated Cold Calling Training among the professional training I have completed, and I would recommend Ron’s training program to any B2B sales organization looking to improve outbound metrics.


Matthew Schwab, Senior Inside Sales Executive, Informatica Corporation

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