Business Lessons Learned

By Ron S. LaVine, MBA

  • If it does not exist, create it. Create your own future by being open to change. As one door closes another one opens. I’ve created two businesses that did not exist since I was laid off back in December of 1994.
  • Be willing to take risks, however, make them calculated risks by taking the time to develop and write a business plan.
  • Place a heavy emphasis on marketing by answering questions such as:
      • Who We Are – (What is the purpose of your page or why are you in business?)
      • What We Do – (Products or Services offered)
      • What Makes Us Unique – (How are you different from others- What is your USP Unique Selling Proposition?)
      • Why Use Our Products or Services – (Why would people want to do business with you?)
      • How You (the prospect) Benefit – (For example: A feature is a car door lock. The benefit is the door cannot be opened when it is locked and therefore you cannot fall out)
      • Who We Work With – (Client lists establish credibility as do testimonials or comments from satisfied customers)
      • The Next Step – (What action is the visitor directed to take- For example: buy a product, request information on a service, subscribe to a newsletter, etc.)
  • Develop an e-mail newsletter to keep your name in front of your clients on a regular basis. (My newsletter comes out 12 months per year.) Find content that helps prospects and customers with their business.
  • Establishing a presence on the world wide web is critical, especially if you do business nationwide or internationally.
  • Keep your eyes open for new opportunities. See if you can find a faster, better or cheaper way to perform a service or make a product.
  • Keep the overhead down. Expenses and lack of marketing will put anyone out of business.
  • Set up a Board of Advisers (not directors) composed of people you respect (professors, business people, friends, etc.). Seek their advice when necessary.
  • Enroll in classes and read books to learn, how to do, what you do, better. Classes on selling, marketing and business skills are especially valuable.
  • Believe in yourself. You can if you think you can. Actions follow thoughts. So think good thoughts and focus on the positive.
  • Exude passion, excitement and enthusiasm when speaking about what you do.
  • People want to do business with people they know like and trust. Building credibility is crucial.
  • Right after completing a successful assignment be sure to ask your client for a testimonial letter. These letters make very powerful marketing tools and enhance your credibility.
  • Persistence is key. Don’t give up. It took me 9 months to land my first client.
  • Take time to enjoy your success.



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