Building an Effective Email Newsletter

By Ron S. LaVine, MBA

An effective newsletter requires a clear purpose. For example, the purpose of the SIREN (Sales Ideas Report Email Newsletter) is to identify and alert my leads, prospects and customers to government and Fortune 1000 prospect, customer, business, industry and executive changes, which, if acted upon in a timely manner, may lead to revenue opportunities while providing intelligence to leverage existing and future relationships. Change creates revenue opportunity.

Notice both the purpose and the potential benefits are described. Focus on providing unique insights or useful information to your prospects. Share your expertise in your field. If you cannot write a newsletter, hire someone that can. Be sure to include both your Email address and web address on all your marketing materials.

Using a Web Site to Attract Subscribers

So now you’re asking “where do I find my prospect-s addresses-” First, look at all those business cards you collect. Nowadays nearly everyone is putting an Email address on their card, since electronic mail is both cheaper and faster than regular mail. Imagine being able to send out your newsletter to, let-s say 500 prospects, on a regular basis, with the push of the send key.

Next, why not create a web site to attract potential prospects a.k.a. subscribers who are interested in the type of information you have to offer, especially if it is free- Once you have built your page(s), make it easy for a prospect to subscribe either by replying to your e-mail address on your web page or by creating a six line “signature” that goes out with every Email you send. For example, here is the signature I use at the end of every Email I send:

Make it a great day and a successful week! ** Ron S. LaVine, MBA **

Get your FREE, Sales Ideas Report E-mail Newsletters send <mailto:info @> with “add” as the subject. For details on AYSR’s – Live Cold Call Training Workshops, call 1-818-991-6487.

Notice how the signature directs makes it easy for them to subscribe. Guess what they see every time they receive your newsletter- You guessed it, your advertisement about your business.

The cost of having a web page can be as little as $5.00 per month-plus whatever you pay to your Internet service provider (ISP). For $5 a month you can establish a “home page” on the Internet and update it as frequently as you like. Ask yourself, “If I make one or two sales due to my Email newsletter, is it worth the $5 per month-” If your answer is yes, then either begin writing a newsletter or find someone to write one for you.

Most, if not all ISPs, provide free Email. Here is where you can use an electronic newsletter to its greatest advantage. You see, with an electronic newsletter, there is no paper, no postage, no printing, and no envelope stuffing. You put the Email addresses of your prospects into a phone directory (find out from your Email program provider how to disguise the recipient-s addresses or you will be giving away you very valuable list).

Since information is freely available across the Internet, offer your newsletter for free. Consider using your newsletter as an exclusive way to keep your company name in front of prospects you have targeted, on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly, etc).

Include the words “free-newsletter” in the web page address making it easier for search engines to find your page. A subscriber must perceive they will derive some benefits from subscribing. Specify what those benefits are. Whether it is to build business, learn something new or share ideas, a newsletter is an excellent form of marketing that keeps your business name and benefits in front of your prospects.

While this is a simplification of what can become a time-consuming process, the sales and marketing dividends can be huge. Weigh the costs of creating a page yourself versus having someone produce it for you (typically $100 to $200 per page). In the end you-ll find having a presence on the internet combined with an effective Email newsletter a hard combination to beat when it comes to keeping your name in front of your prospects, generating new leads and, most important, making more sales.



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