Our business philosophy focuses on using a polite, respectful and persistent informational “understanding comes before selling” strategy. The key concept is to gain a better grasp of the needs, challenges and problems facing prospects and customers today before trying to sell a solution.

This non-threatening, informational approach enables prospects to be less defensive and share more information that is valuable. The focus is on fact-finding and information gathering using an intelligent, yet simple, repeatable process. This proven process consistently uncovers business opportunities; helps identify and map out all the buyers, influencers and stakeholders within an organization. Then, using the information gained, face-to-face meetings, online demos or phone appointments are set.

Your company’s product and marketing literature forms the basis of a customized live cold calling sales call training workshop. During the workshop, your salespeople actually work on winning business at company accounts by making live calls into those accounts. Each salesperson also gets their own detailed, 100-plus page, training workbook, jam packed full of exercises, scripts, usable forms, checklists, reminder systems and sales and marketing resources.

Accelerated Sales Results, Inc. Helping You Develop More Business Through LIVE Cold Call Sales & Telesales Training Workshops™

Ron S. La Vine, MBA, President and founder of Accelerated Sales Results, Inc., has been in sales and sales management for over 35 years. Accelerated Sales Results specializes in working with business-to-business salespeople–both inside and outside–who conduct cold calling over the phone into the Fortune 500 and large organizations such as local and state schools, universities, hospitals and local, state and federal government.

Each workshop is designed to deliver practical, time-tested, live sales call training, where participants begin showing results from the very next time they get on the phone. Participants love the “live calls” into their own accounts. Ron demonstrates low-pressure, easy-to-learn and use, customer-oriented techniques, ideas and processes.

He works with hundreds and hundreds of salespeople each year, helping them to learn how to get more business while working over the phone. Ron provides sensible, how-to ideas and processes that help salespeople use the phone more effectively to cold call, prospect, sell and service accounts, without fear and rejection.

These how-to ideas, articles and tips appear regularly in the print and electronic media. Ron has written numerous articles and has been written about in a variety of magazines and professional sales and marketing industry-related newsletters, including SellingPower, Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, Selling Radio, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur.com, BuyerZone.com, USA Today, BusinessKnowHow.com and Sales, Advertising and Marketing Magazine, Investors’ Business Daily, to name a few.

Ron holds Accelerated Sales Results, Inc.’s Cold Calling System for Sales Success – Live Cold Call Sales Training Workshops worldwide. Ron has trained thousands of sales reps using live cold calling for clients such as Agilent Asia Pacific, ASG, CA, EDS, IBI, Informix, iWAY, LRS, MeadWestvaco, Merant, Micro Focus, NCTI, Platinum, Serena, Software AG, SAS, Sterling Software’s ADD, DID, OMD, SMD, VMD Divisions, plus over 60 more technology & non-technology related firms.

Ron has delivered live cold calling hands-on workshops in Australia, Canada, England, France, Hong Kong, Ireland and the USA.

Cultures trained included sales reps from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand and all across the USA.

Ron’s degrees include a Bachelors degree in Management Theory and Practice from California State University, Northridge, and a Masters degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis on Marketing and Organization Development from CLU University.

Ron’s experience includes calling on well over 3000 different corporations, organizations, local, state and federal government entities, universities and hospitals, including over 95% of the Global 2000 for their clients, during his live cold calling sales training workshops.

Ron is a member of the American Society for Training and Development. He is a past professional member of the National Speakers’ Association, Sales and Marketing Executives International, Association of Independent Information Professionals, the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals and the Information Technology Association of America.

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